Brandywine Baptist Church, Baltimore Pike, Chadds Ford Twp (formerly Birmingham Twp), Delaware Co., PA  610-459-1302

Partial Transcription beginning with oldest graves lower cemetery

Transcribed 10/28/2007
Surname Given Name Birthdate Birth Place Death Date Death Place Age  Inscription Notes  
Day Joseph W.     31-Oct-1828   49y 19d      
Day Helen     30-Nov-1870   78y 7m 16d      
Clark Eliza     23-Dec-1799   23y wife of Abifbai Clark    
Smith Ann     6-Apr-1842   30y wife of Robert Smith    
Smith Abigail C.     1852   16u adopted daughter of Robert Smith    
Smith Mary Eliza     10-Aug-1852   17m daughter of Robert Smith    
Smith J???     16-Oct-1808   24y son of Thomas & Hannah Smith    
Miller Margaret 17-Aug-1811   17-May-1893     wife of John C. Miller    
Miller John C. 10-Nov-1815   30-Jan-1857          
Gamble James     6-Feb-1812   21y      
Call Margaret 2-Jan-1777   26-Oct-11   31y wife of George Call    
Call Rebecca 7-Mar-1800   28-Aug-1812   13y daughter of Margaret Call    
Gamble Robert N. 19-Nov-1780   6-Apr-1864?          
Gamble Rebecca     ??     wife of Robert N. Gamble    
Richards Eliza     19-Nov-1824   23y daughter of Robert & Rachel McCay    
R.M.S       ??          
McCay Elizabeth     6-Aug-1834   42y wife of James McCay    
McCay Jane     11-Oct-1853   77y wife of William McCay    
McCay William     4-Jul-1858   78y 1m 13d of Upper Chichester, Delaware Co.    
Shaffer John W.     30-Jan-1899   74y      
Gamble Rachel 2-Jul-1807   11-Nov-1887          
Gamble Robert 12-Oct-1813   28-Jan-1888          
Twaddell Harriet 3-Apr-1817   18-Jun-1871          
Twaddell William Sep 1805   May 1890          
Engle Hannah 8-Nov-1823   5-May-01     wife of John Dalton Engle    
Engle Orpha     ??-Feb-1859   50y wife of John Engle    
Engle Charles Milton     8-May-1861     son of John & Orpha Engle    
Lancaster George W. 20-Sep-1840   23-Nov-08          
Lancaster Susan H. 30-Oct-1811   26-Sep-1886          
Lancaster Joseph 19-Jan-1798   26-May-1883          
J.P.               initials only  
M.T.P.               initials only  
R.E.P.               initials only  
Hannum James           GAR Marker    
?? ??             near Hannum  
Batting Hannah M.           daugther of Edward W. Batting    
Thomas Charles     16-Dec-1856   23y 11m      
Chew Richard           Co. F. 6th U.S.G. Inf. GAR marker    
Brown Jeremiah C.     24-Sep-1847   18m son of Robert and Mary Brown    
Frame Miles 11-Feb-18??   12-Oct-183?     son of Harry M. & ?? Smith    
Simonson Martha     7-Feb-1824   80y  wife of William Simonson    
Simonson William     4-Dec-1819   81y      
Simonson Edward     2-Jan-1813   73Y Revolutionary War Marker    
??se John                
?? Martha     ??          
Sheilds James     14-oct-1768   60y      
Powel Agnes     22-Nov-1769   25y wife of John Powel    
Russel James H. 6-Oct-1832   16-Jul-1855     Brothers obelisk  
Russel Geffin 4-Mar-1821   12-Jul-1822     Brothers obelisk  
Green Elizabeth     2-Oct-1829   16y wife of Thomas Green    
Green Amor B.     26-Sep-1824   18y son of Thomas & Elizabeth Green    
Green Thomas     17-Aug-18??   78Y      
Green Maria     7-Jul-1880   76y 2m 26d wife of Thomas Green    
S.P.F.               initials only  
Russell Joseph     27-Apr-1864   84y      
Russell Sarah     18-Jun-1876   80y      
Russell Joseph C.     28-Jul-1867   43y      
Haffelfinger W. Martin 18-May-1863   6-Jan-1872          
Hannum Susan 31-Jul-1795   24-Feb-1881          
Hannum George     5-Jun-1851   72y      
??               near Hannums  
??               near Hannums  
??               near Hannums  
M.R.               initials only  
Anndyson Debby     23-Jun-1895     wife of Enoch Hannum    
Hannum Enoch     ??       stone dates buried  
Hannum Richard 9-Mar-1835   26-May-13     Private Co. H 4th Reg. Delaware Infantry    
Crawford Emma 4-Jul-1847   28-Feb-1873     wife of Thomas Crawford    
?? Lydia     1850     Our Cousin No surname  
Frame Nathan     2-Mar-1844          
Frame Ann     26-Apr-1858   82y wife of Nathan Frame    
Frame John 22-Jan-1780   22-Apr-1838          
Frame Albina Taylor 11-Sep-1781   18-Dec-1868          
Frame Jessie T. 18-Oct-1825   15-Mar-1895          
Frame Marge S. 12-May1828   27-May-1873          
Frame H??? E. 183?   ??          
Frame ??                
Frame William 12-Jun??   ??          
Sta??? Sarah E. 11-Mar-18??   25-Feb-18??          
Pyle Margaretta     21-Feb-1875   71y wife of John Pyle    
Pyle John     27-Mar-1860   63y      
Pyle Jane     11-Jun-1862   51y      
Pyle Sarah W. 23-Aug-1827   18-Jun-04     wife of Charles Worth Pyle    
Pyle Charles Worth     13-Feb-1861   33y      
Smith James     18-Mar-1838   32y same stone as Mary Robson Smith    
Smith Mary Robson     ??     wife of James Smith    
Pyle Pierson     29-Dec-1851   35y      
Crosgrove Jane E.     16-Aug-1833   22y daughter of John & Jane Crosgrove    
??             Uncle possibly Russells  
??             Grandmother possibly Russells  
??             Grandfather possibly Russells  
Gault Benjamin M. 7-Oct-1841   10-Feb-1913     Q.M. Sgt. Co. R 8th PA Cavalry    
Gault Hannah E. 24-Feb-1847   28-Jul-1907     wife of Benjamin Gault    
Gault Sarah     8-Oct-1848   29y wife of William Gault    
Dalton Mary Ann     19-Feb-1819   45y wife of Alben Dalton    
Dalton Alben     30-Jan-1868   65y      
Malin Charles P. 26-Feb-1838   25-Dec-1906          
Malin Mary A. 20-Dec-1835   9-Apr-15          
M.A.D.               initials only - near Daltons  
A.D.               initials only - near Daltons  
H.E.G.               initials only - near Daltons  
Young Roseanna     10-Jul-1854   72y      
Russell Samuel C. 22-Sep-1790   24-Mar-1865          
Russell Sarah 19-Sep-1790   21-Dec-1875   32y 1 m 17d      
Henderson Susannah     11-Mar-1835     consort of Samuel Henderson    
Henderson Samuel 13-Apr-1793   1883          
Henderson Thomas     21-Jul-1851   68y      
Henderson Ann     1-Nov-1846   80y      
Cloud Franklin     11-Nov-1864   66y      
Cloud Marshall 26-May-1815   14-Oct-1870          
Cloud Mary Jane 16-Oct-18??   16-Aug-1851   9y 10m 9 d      
Barlow Matilda     14-Mar-1850   73y 6m  wife of John Barlow    
Barlow John     22-Sep-1855   72y      
??               against east stone fence  
??               against east stone fence  
??             GAR against east stone fence  
??               against east stone fence  
??               against east stone fence  
??             GAR against east stone fence  
??               against east stone fence  
??             Revolutionary War against east stone fence  
??               against east stone fence  
Mousler Mary     27-Oct-1857   67y 1m 3d wife of Curtis Mousler    
??               near Mousler plots  
M.M.               near Mousler plots