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Surname Given Name Birthdate Birth Place Death Date Death Place Age  Inscription Notes
Bullock Mary 25-Feb-1880 17-Jun-1934 Sister
Bullock William M. 22-Feb-1822 27-Sep-1881 Father
Bullock Sarah H. 11-Mar-1824 23-Mar-1889 Mother
Williams John Edgar 1869 1920
Williams Anne Carter Sharpless 1845 1894 wife of Charles P. Williams
Williams Charles P. 16-Oct-1833 24-Aug-1897
Williams Helen Wistar 1879 1931
White Helen Lois 15-Sep-1923 20-Sep-1923 same stone as Robert Louis White
White Robert Louis 30-Jan-1931 30-Apr-1931 same stone as Helen Lois White
White Donald W. Pvt. 1927 1946 Died in Service in Belgium WWII
White Louisa W. 1901 1991 Mother
White Willard T. 1897 1973 Father - WWI marker
Williamson Samuel A. 1862 1956 Father
Williamson Harriet Guest 1865 1948 Mother
Reynolds Harriet Williamson 1898 1999 same stone as Norman Calvin Reynolds
Reynolds Norman Calvin 1896 1986 same stone as Harriet Williamson Reynolds
Johnson E. Richard 1918 1999
Walls Norman E. Capt. 13-Jul-1913 11-Nov-1978 Navy insignia on stone
Walls Marguerite L. 9-Oct-1915 13-Oct-1986 same stone as Norman E. Walls
Hollingsworth Marguerite T. 7-Jan-1896 26-Jun-1981 "Nanny"
Dix William Lehman 10-Jul-1918 1-Apr-1998
Dix Adeline Walls 3-Apr-1922 same stone as William Lehman Dix
Fassler Charles J. 20-Mar-1905 26-May-1905
Campbell Samuel   Apr 1836
Campbell Margaret Feb 1872 51y
Brown Mary A. 1834 1868
Brown James 1828 1912
Brown Richard 1852 1912
Meinfeld Ernest 1895 1940
Meinfeld Dora 1897 1984 same same as Ernest Meinfeld
Walls Helen L. 1888 1954 Order of Eastern Star insignia
Walls Norman A. 1897 1950 Masonic Lodge insignia
Meinfeld George 1858 1943 Father
Meinfeld Bertha 1863 1927 Mother
Fassler Large Obelisk Fassler, Meinfeld, Walls, Dix
Fassler John B. 6-Feb-1876 7-May-1911
McCay William P. 1854
McCay Clara B. 1854 1923 same stone as William P. McCay
McCay Charlotte S. 1876 same stone as William P. McCay
McCay Charlotte Sheaf 28-Jul-1876 20-Mar-1936
?? ??
McCay Thomas P. 1883 1943
McCay Evelyn S. 1883 1947 his wife, same stone as Thos. P. McCay
?? ??
Young Marion M. 23-Aug-1929 same stone as Oda Booth Fleming
Fleming Oda Booth 3-Mar-1934 same stone as Marion M. Young
Booth Elizabeth 25-Mar-1950
Booth Osborn 16-Jan-1924 GAR Marker Co. H 118th PA
Booth Katharine 13-Jan-1921 wife of Osborn Booth
May Greta Booth 16-Jan-1893
Forwood Rosa S. 8-Aug-1838 27-Mar-1901 wife of Dr. J. F. Forwood
Powel John Clement 1892 1911
Powel James 21-May-1894 42y
Vernon Mabel Neff 1922 2002
Whitaker Willena K. 1894 1968 same stone as Carl T. Whitaker
Whitaker Carl T. 1896 1961 WWI marker
Vernon Caroline K. 1887 1958 Mother
Kelly Lillian P. 1889 1903
Vernon Maurice S. 1923 1927
Kelly M. Herschel 1901 1940 Husband
Kelly Maurice A. 1860 1944 same stone as M. Kate Kelly
Kelly M. Kate 1861 1951 same stone as Maurice A. Kelly
Neeld James 11-Oct-1843 29-May-1904
Cloud Hannah M. 12-May-1882 59y Mother
Neeld ??
Neeld ??
Neeld ??
Neeld ??
Carson Charles A. no dates, same stone as Edwin A. Carson
Carson Edwin A. no dates, same stone as Charles A. Carson
Specht John  1911 1987 same stone as Agnes S. Specht
Specht Agnes S. 1911 1981 same stone as John Specht
Flenner Caroline Fisher 1871 1963
Flenner Albert Wareham 1863 1933
?? Helen
Bullock Thomas P. 1-Feb-1831 2-Aug-1905
Bullock Clara May 9-Jan-1848 13-Jan-1917
Hemphill Lizzie 15-Dec-1852 11-May-1867 daughter of Thos. & Anna M. Hemphill
Hemphill ?? 17-Oct-1868 22-Dec-1873 daughter of Thos. & Anna M. Hemphill
?? William T. 13-Nov-1887 son of Thomas
?? Emily B. 18-Mar-1844 7-Dec-1890 daughter of Thomas B. Mc??
Farra John 10-Jun-1832 69y
Farra Susannah ??
Farra Daniel 19-Aug-1860 70y 7m 7d
Farra Mary 21-Jan-1863 60y 2m 5d
Marr Joseph B. 1864 1927
Marr Jennie W. 1-Jan-1864 18-Dec-1920 wife of Joseph B. Marr
Walker Sarah 11-Feb-1829 17-Jul-1894
Walker Matthew 31-Oct-1835 17-Aug-1887
Parfet William 29-Aug-1864 10-Sep-1887 of Golden, Colorado
Talley Isabella Andrews 16-Oct-1864 31-May-1958 wife of James E. Talley
Talley James E. M.D. 22-Jul-1864 3-Jul-1941 son of James S. and Sarah J. Talley
Talley James S. 1834 1864
Talley Sarah J. 1844 1881 same stone as James S. Talley
Hanaway Susan J. 24-May-1892 76y
Hanaway Daniel S. 29-Sep-1874 56y GAR marker
Hanaway Lydia 1848 1918 wife of Clayton P. Hanawary
Hanaway Clayton P. 1846 1908 Co. A 147th Reg. PA Vols.
Mercer Samuel 5-Jul-1797 12-Jun-1880 Large monument for Mercer, Perkins, Shimer
Mercer Susan Perkins 20-Oct-1795 16-Apr-1873 wife of Samuel Mercer
Perkins Henry H. 13-Feb-1864 Richmond, VA 24y Co. E 2nd PA Cavalry
Shimer John M. 14-Feb-1853 23-Mar-1931
Shimer Elizabeth C. Mercer 6-Jul-1836 19-Dec-1928 wife of John M. Shimer
Ingram Peter 11-Jan-1871 58y
Ingram Mary E. H. 12-Nov-1819 2-May-1904 wife of Peter Ingram
Bullock George May 1848 28-Jun-1892 Father
Bullock Ruth Ann 28-Apr-18?? 1-Jan-1892 Mother
Bullock Hannah W. 11-Oct-1841 ?? wife of Lewis Bullock
Paschall Catharine 26-??-1876 84y wife of Dr. Henry Paschall
Sharples Jennie Maud 25-Apr-1913 daughter of Caspar W. Sharples
Sharples Helen Frances 24-Feb-1938 daughter of Caspar W. Sharples
Hewes Mary Elisa 25-Sep-1889 27y wife of James W. Hewes
Hewes Elisa Irene 21-Oct-1838 2d daughter of James & Mary Hewes
Hewes Cheretine Yeatman 1887 1900
Hewes Florence Mendenhall ?? 1890
Hewes Mary 1903 infant
Hewes James Walton 1861 1909
Donohoe Abbie Ann W. ?? ??
Farra Charles Henry 9-Jul-1831 1y 5m 20d
Perkins Reece 23-Oct-1860 82y
Perkins Sarah 1-Aug-1880 85y wife of Reece Perkins
?? Sarah S. ?? same stone as Rebecca Jane ??
?? Rebecca Jane Jun same stone as Sarah S. ??
Sharpley Sarah Adeline 30-Aug-1850 5-Aug-1853 daughter of William Sharpley
Sharpley Jacob Harrison 2-Apr-1837 21-Jul-1863 son of William and Sarah Sharpley
Sharpley William H. 1839 1923 Large Sharpley Monument
Sharpley Joseph E. 1842 1880 Large Sharpley Monument
Sharpley Mary M. 1853 1882 Large Sharpley Monument
Sharpley Reece 1835 1914 Large Sharpley Monument
Sharpley William E. 1804 1871 Large Sharpley Monument
Sharpley Sarah 1816 1900 Large Sharpley Monument - wife of William E.
Sharpley Reece 1832 1913 Large Sharpley Monument -Their children
Sharpley Eliza Jane 1834 1987 Large Sharpley Monument -Their children
Cowpland Joshua Rev. 1835 1911
Cowpland Anna Martha 1833 1913 same stone as Rev. Joshua Cowpland
Josephs Thomas L. Rev. 1870 1934
Josephs Elizabeth J. 1874 1956 wife of Rev. Thomas L. Josephs