Sharr Family History


The Sharr Family has been traced back to Abraham Sharr who was born in Baden, Germany and immigrated to the U.S. in approximately 1810.  We are able to ascertain this because his son Frederick's census record states that he (Frederick) was born "at sea".  Another son, Abraham is found in the census. The Sharr's settled in what is now Gamble Township, Lycoming County.  Their homestead was located atop of the moutain accessible from Caleb's Creek Road in Eldred Township. 

Frederick Sharr married Hannah Gottschall in 1830.  The Gottschall family was also established in the same area.  From census records we find that Fred and Hannah had four children: Roseanna, Frederick, Barbara and Daniel.  We cannot find records on Frederick and Barbara; however, Daniel Sharr lived in the area until his death in Loyalsockville in 1912. 

Roseanna Sharr married John Smithgall and settled on Wallis Run Road in Gamble Township.  Please see the Smithgall Family History for more infomation.

Daniel Sharr also married a woman named Rosannah.  They had three children: Florence, Clara and Alba (Alva) Sharr.   Alba Sharr's descendants are still in the area.