Kohlhaupt Family History

The Kohlhaupt family originates in Astheim, am Main, Germany in the 1750s.  There are still Kohlhaupts living in Astheim.  Anna Kohlhaupt was the eldest daughter of Georg Kohlhaupt II and Maria Theresa BŁttner, born on November 22, 1887.  Georg was a cabinet maker and also worked in a vineyard. They lived at Kartauserstrasse 5. 

Anna Kohlhaupt was the first of her family to immigrate to the United States at 22 years of age after losing her mother just six months prior. She departed Hamburg, Germany and arrived at Ellis Island, New York on the ship: Graf Waldersee on August 14, 1909.  She was supposed to go live with a relative in upstate New York and never made it.  She found a position working as a servant for the Michael Lapp family in Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York.  While she was employed by the Lapp's she met their gardener, Fred Maisch, who was also a German immigrant from a town only 55 miles from her hometown, they married.

Their first child, a daughter, Dorothy was born on March 5, 1911, and probably named for Fred's sister. Their son, George Maisch was born August 4, 1914 and probably named for her father.

Justina Kohlhaupt, Anna's half-sister,  immigrated on October 1, 1923 and married. Later, Anna's brother, William Kohlhaupt immigrated to New York on August 8, 1927 with his family, his descendants are living in the United States.

Fred and Anna raised their children at 175 Forest Avenue in Rockville Centre, New York.  Anna was a housewife and our grandmother, Dorothy Maisch Stirrat, remembers her mother's coffee klatches with her German friends in the neighborhood.  Anna was a first-rate baker of German apple, plum and coffee cakes.  Anna began to teach her children the German language but was forced to "halt" because World War I broke out; they couldn't be caught speaking German.  Anna never learned to drive a car, but her daughter, Dorothy was one of the first to have an automobile when she came of age and could afford it.    After her husband's death in 1948, Anna continued to live with her daughter and son-in-law in Baldwin; and she moved to Williamsport with them in 1954.  Anna was always a devout Catholic and we remember her often with her rosary beads.  She was affectionately known as "Nanny" to her grandchildren, always kind and giving.  She was an avid knitter and an expert in crochet, making intricate crochet table clothes, bed spreads and knit baby booties for every grandchild and great grandchild while watching her soap operas, especially The Secret Storm and General Hospital.  Anna passed away of a stroke in February 1969 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  She is buried beside her husband at Pine Lawn Cemetery, Long Island, New York.

Much of the information on the German line of Kohlhaupts was given to me by the Oskar Mildenberger family, who did the original research in Germany.